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    CCH Tax Guide

    Tax Guide allows you to include straightforward explanations on virtually any tax issue your clients may encounter. Over 500 pages explanations on any tax issue your client may encounter from a tax deduction to how to claim a child tax credit.

    The CCH Tax Guide includes:

    • Clear explanations related to tax planning
    • Tax Tools with dozens of worksheets, forms and tables
    • A Tax Calendar containing significant filing dates
    • A What's New This Year; highlighting current year law changes
    • A Tax Glossary that defines frequently used tax terms

    Business Owner's Toolkit (BOT)

    Incorporate thousands of pages of award-winning content designed specifically to help your small-business owner clients' and entrepreneurs start, run and grow their own businesses. BOT offers news and advice documents providing answers to your clients' business, tax, and legal questions and gives practical tips on working smarter, saving money, and staying in compliance with the law.

    With BOT you'll be able to provide access to:

    • Model business documents, such as customizable sample letters, contracts, forms, and policies.
    • Financial spreadsheet templates for tasks such as balancing the books for creating financial statements.
    • Checklists for a variety of topics, from qualifying for a home office write-off to the right things to do and say during an employee termination interview.
    • Official government forms and publications used to file taxes with the IRS or contract with the federal government.

    Financial Planning Toolkit (FPT)

    Provide easy-to-understand financial planning resources, documents, tools, and interactive calculators that are comprehensive and up-to-date.

    The Financial Planning Toolkit contains information to manage one's personal finances, including investments, insurance, risk and asset management strategies, and tax, retirement and estate planning. One can also use the Financial Calculators to help assess financial position and better manage money.

    The Financial Planning Toolkit effectively translates complex financial detail and transforms it into user-friendly information. FPT provides more than 1,500 financial planning documents, tools, and interactive calculators to meet your clients' needs.

    Information in FPT is organized in a lifecycle structure to provide the novice user with a logical starting point. Seasoned users can drill down through the comprehensive table of contents to access more detailed information.

    The FPT is continuously updated with the latest information, and augmented by articles on consumer finance-related topics written by Wolters Kluwer's expert staff of business and finance professionals.


    Client Life-Cycle Reading Rack

    Offer a series of helpful planning guides to ensure your clients understand the basics of common situations. These cover both individual and business-related topics, and can be branded with your firm's logo and contact information.

    The following topics are covered:

    • Individual: Children, Dealing with the IRS, Divorce, Estate Planning, Healthcare, Investing, Marriage, Off to School, Retirement Strategies, Surviving Financial Downturns, Vehicle Expenses
    • Business: Compensation, Employment Taxes, Ending a Business, Managing International Tax Issues, Operating a Business, Starting a Business, Surviving Financial Downturns, Travel and Entertainment, Vehicle Expenses, Worker Classifications

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